Safari Accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park being the largest National Park in Uganda has welcomed variety of accommodation facilities including one of the best Safari lodges in Africa. Whatever your budget may be, you will perfectly find the best accommodation that suits you. As wildlife adventure seekers may wish to consider some of the best safari lodges that can be found in the Park and which puts one in the heart of the action, some will always wish to stay in the heart of local community to get the most ultimate authentic cultural experience. These are some of our handpicked choices; they include, Nile Safari Lodge, Paraa Safari Lodge, Rest Chilli Rest Camp, Sambiya River Lodge GeoLodgesShoebill Camp Site, Yebo Safari Camp, UWA Campsite,  Chobe Safari Lodge, Murchison Safari Lodge, Boomu Women´s Group Banda, Budongo Ecolodge, Pakuba Lodge, Murchison tree house, Bakers Lodge, Amuka Safari lodge, Bwana Tembo Safari camp, Fort Murchison Lodge, Global Village Guest House, Heritage Safari Lodge, Kabalega Wilderness Lodge, Kalalo Cottage Inn, Masindi Hotel, New Court View Hotel, Parkside Safari Lodge, Shoebill Campsite

These accommodation include safari lodges, tented camps, hotels, guesthouse and Inn. They range from Luxury, Midrange to Budget accommodation facilities. If you want your experience to be enhanced by staying in one of the finest luxury safari accommodations in the Park, Paara, Chobe, Nile and Bakers Safari Lodges are the right places to be. You may also choose to stay in the famous midrange accommodations in the Park like Pakuba safari lodge, Sambiya River Lodge, Murchison River Lodge, and Budongo Eco Lodge among others.

When your budget is not so big to afford luxury accommodation, it doesn’t mean your experience will not be superb why not try staying in budget accommodation and get a life time experience staying in budget accommodation. These budget accommodation include; Red Chilis, Shoebill Campsite, Yebo safari camp, Parkside safari lodge,…to mention but just a few.

All these safari accommodation have been carefully built to blend with natural environment. In addition, to being strategically located for the perfect wildlife and other surrounding natural scenic viewing