Lake Mburo welcomes first baby giraffe

It was all excitement among conservationists when news of the birth of the first baby giraffe in Lake Mburo National Park was announced.
The news was announced on Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Twitter handle on Thursday.
The newly born giraffe brings to 16, the number of giraffes in the park.

In 2015, a total of 15 giraffes were translocated from Murchison Falls National to Lake Mburo National Park. This was after Uganda wildlife authority found the need to restock the park that had for a long time lacked the sight of giraffes.

Among the 15 giraffes eight were female and the seven male.
Almost three years without the giraffes reproducing, many in the tourism sector had started to worry.

But giraffes have a long gestation period of about 15 months and it is for this reason that there have been no newly born giraffes in Mburo.

The coming of the newly born giraffe marks the first giraffe born in this park.