As soon as he was settled on the throne Omukama Rukidi Mpuuga divided Kitara Empire amongest his brothers and his followers. To Nyarwa, his eldest brother, he gave Mwenge, Buganda went to Kato Kimera and Busonga to Kiiza his youngest brother, He advised them however against settling in their respective sazas because he wished the family to stay together. But the brothers interpreted his advice as a clever move by Rukidi to keep them in subjection.
One of Rukidi’s servants who happened to over hear what the brothers were saying went straight to his master and told him about it. But he paid no attention and merely told the servant to ignore his brothers, because they were used to behaving in such childish ways. He made Mugungu the Chief of all the Royal Drums (A post which was held by Mubimba under the Bachwezi rule) as well as chief of Kijagarazi where the drums were kept. Bamuroga, Mugungu’s younger brother was made ruler of Kijaguzo and Kisuna. He was also put in charge of the Palace gate. Kesenge of the Abacaki Clan became chief of Bugahya around Hoima, while Nyakoka, his Omufumu, and counselor, became chief of Kikonda and Sweswe. Rukidi forbade Nyakoka from settling in his acquired county because his advice was needed at the capital
After a short while Kato asked for permission to go hunting as well as to see what his saza of Buganda looked like. Rukidi allowed him but suspecting that Kato might decide to settle in Buganda and not come back to Bugangaizi, Rukidi ordered many old men faithful and trustworthy to accompany him, they included Katumba (of Muhinda clan) Kahira (of Bafumambogo clan) Balitemu, Mpinga, Mazige, Gunju, Kaswija and many others
Kato took a lot of salt with him the salt being used in addition to the other obvious purposes to preserve the meat with which to feed this people, at the back of his mind however he was scheming to rebel against his brother and set up a separate kingdom in Buganda. Never the less Rukidi accompanied him up to a hill called Kiburara where he bade him farewell. The marks which they made on the a stone at the spot where they said good bye to each other are still visible to date and also there is a shrine at Karuziika Palace Hoima called Kyakato which symbolizes the house of Prince Kato Kimera who went to Buganda and rebelled while there. The current Kabaka of Buganda is supposed to be coming to Hoima at Karuziika Palace and sit in his grand fathers house (Prince Kato Kimera) as his ancestral home
Prince Kato proceeded to Buganda for good and never returned, He arrived at the house of a man called Ssebwana, who had hereditary culminated himself into the saza chief of Buganda at the time following the earlier royal appointments of Omukama Wamara of Bunyoro, At the time of the arrival Ssebwana was not at home but his wives were, These ladies struck by the Kato’s good looks and Majestic appearance fell in love with him at first sight. They conspired with the servants to murder Ssebwana and marry Kato.
When their plan was executed and Ssebwana safely dead, Kato declared himself the King of Buganda County and made it a Kingdom and performed all the necessary ceremonies, following what had happened at Rukidi’s coronation. He assumed the name of Kimera signifying a branch which having dropped from the parent tree, grows into another tree. He also sent a message to Rukidi telling him that he would never come back to the capital and that he was now King in his own right. Rukidi ignored Kato’s rebellion and did not lift a finger to reduce him once more to obedience
The Kitara Empire had now split into three different sections. There was Nkore, which had broken away under Prince Ruhinda. There was Bunyoro Kitara (which now stood as the legitimate bastion of the Kitara Empire) and there was Buganda
Originally Buganda was called Muhwahwa County but it came to be called Buganda after the name of the saza chief appointed to govern it by Omukama Wamara. This chief was called Kaganda Rusirri Ntege Koyo. Bakitara people used to despise the people of Muhwahwa and used to describe them jocosely as “Kaganda’s little men, Obuganda” This nickname slowly took root and the name Muhwahwa disappeared. Indeed all the three kingdoms assumed new names. Nkore (Ankole) was previously known as Karokarungi (meaning the beautiful village). The remaining sections of Kitara gradually came to be known as Bunyoro. Originally these people referred to themselves as Abakitara.
Back to Omukama Rukidi. Rukidi ruled Kitara for a long time. He married the two ladies Wamara left behind to look after the palace. Iremera bore him two sons Ocaki and Oyo both of whom later became kings. It was Iremera who taught Rukidi to like and take milk. Previously Rukidi hated milk and used to be disgusted whenever it was offered to him. But one day when Rukidi was ill Iremera offered it him disguising it as medicine. He drank it and from that day Rukidi started to like milk and used to ask for it whenever he came back from his hunting expeditions. When Rukidi died he was buried ad Dyang, but his garments were buried at Masaijagaka in Chope.Rukidi’s mother was the lady Nyatworo of the Mukwonga Clan
“Ebya Muhwahwa rundi Buganda kanikwo byabaire!!!”
Egunda gunde Karuziika nk’obujogera bwa kogeere.
To be continued………………..