Uganda Balloon Safaris

Price $2080
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Uganda Balloon Safaris

From $2080 per person

Come book with us to fly over Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Parks

In the recent past, Uganda introduced balloons safaris on its safari menu in our wildlife national parks. We can organize a special safari and include a balloon safari on the safari package as requested for by our visitors. Like the famous Masari Mara balloon safaris, Uganda balloon safaris are equally very amazing to undertake over the vast plains of the parks increasing chances of spotting wildlife hidden off road and giving clients chances of great views and scenery of the whole wildlife parks.

Why a Hot air Balloon in Uganda;

Viewing sunrise or sunset from above
Panaroma views of the whole park
Tree top level flights
Watching full herds of animals
Watching hidden off road animals
Approximately 1 hour Hot air Balloon rides
Photos during cold inflation inside the Balloon
Ground safaris before take off and after
Free participation certificates
Bush Breakfast in the wild

Luxury: $2800.USD per person when sharing the room


Budget: $2,080.USD per person when sharing a room


Depends on your interests and budget. Contact us for a custom tour plan.