When is the best time of year to trek the mountain gorillas

When is the best time of year to trek the mountain gorillas?

You are advised to book your gorilla permit at least three months in advance this is due to the high demand most especially during high season. Please contact your local tour operator to advise you about the gorilla permit availability when you intend to trek. Then weather forecast decides when the best time is to see the gorillas since it rains most days in the rainforest. The rain may not be heavy, but there will certainly be low-lying mist and wet vegetation. Of course, some treks and trails are muddier than others!

Predicting the rainy seasons is not an exact science these days but broadly speaking, the rainy seasons are March and April and October and November. The timing of your visit to East Africa may be important to you if you are planning a safari as part of your travels to Uganda or Rwanda.

Uganda and Rwanda enjoy round temperatures of between 21°C and 30°C throughout the year. In the higher altitudes of the mountain gorillas’ habitat, it can be as cold as 10°C. However, you can do gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo all the year around.