Where does the Habituation Experience Take Place in Uganda

Where does the Habituation Experience Take Place in Uganda?

In 2018 – The Habituation Experience takes place only in the Rushaga – Nkuringo area of southern Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.

You cannot do the Gorilla Habituation in any other part of the park but the Rushaga – Nkuringo area and that only in Uganda.

How is the Gorilla Habituation Experience different from Trekking?

You have a chance to stay with Mountain Gorillas for hours instead of one. Your day starts at 7:30 AM at the Gorilla Habituation Trailhead and you return in the late Afternoon. Your day begins with a briefing from the Uganda Wildlife Authority Staff and the Research – Habituation Team. The most significant thing you get a chance to watch mountain gorillas when are not yet made habituated for tourists.

The Habituation Experience is limited to 4 participants per group compared with 8 for normal Gorilla Trekking.

How do to book a Gorilla Habituation Permit?

Minimum Age of 15 applies as it does for normal Trekking in Uganda.

 Book your Gorilla Habituation Experience – Rushaga Area – Bwindi Forest at 1,500 USD as part of the Safari separately and you can do this through your local tour operator since they are always informed about the available permits by UWA

Bookings for the Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits must be done well in advance due to the limited number of participants (4) allowed each day and the interest in the activity by Visitors to Uganda.

Passport information (scan) is required for the permit as it is for Trekking.

The Permit Cost of 1500 USD includes the Park Entrance Fee for the day.